Vegetal Import @ Manifesta 11 — 14/07/2016

Venerdì 15 luglio alle 21:30 presenteremo il festival-non festival “Vegetal Import” in questa edizione di Manifesta con una performance speciale al Cabaret Voltaire di Zurigo…

VEGETAL IMPORT was (is?) a festival of sounds. Actually of sonic memories.
VEGETAL IMPORT is a memory of a festival that isalready finished before it even begins. A festival that has already happened. An echo of sonic flows, temporarily without location, virtually archived, but not yet audible via Internet. The festival can become a reality only if a person and a place decide to adopt it. Cultural adoption outside official institutional territories is an endangered practice. VEGETAL IMPORT suggests documentary elision as a strategy of cultural activism.

VEGETAL IMPORT is a project by Traslochi Emotivi with Giulia Currà, Pasquale Leccese, Barbara Mulas, Livia Satriano, Steve Piccolo